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We offer exceptional and professional services, comparable to none.

Business Registration

We offers professional services in assisting you attain genuine business registration documents.

Website and Graphic Design

We pay attention to your needs and ensure that what you pay for is what you get.

Freight Forwarding

We offer sea and air freight services, warehousing and supply chain logistics

Building a compelling tomorrow from a strong today.

Outstanding Features FeaturesFeatures

Business Growth

Be rest assured that you will experience substantive business growth patronizing our services.

Business Sustainability

You can relax and focus on other core operational aspects of your business once we take care of these aspects of your business

Business Performance

You can compare/measure your performance as a business once you come into contact with us.

Business Organization

Your organization will be transformed for the better

Dedicated Teams

Our team is dedicated to giving you the satisfaction you require


Be assure of prompt support from us with relations to our services.


Welcome to tip consult. We are a world class Business Solutions and Communications Designs Company!

Being an exceptional communications designs - dealing with designs and branding needs on site and online. A business consultancy assisting with your regulatory requirements as an entity and also guiding entities that are into the business of importation of goods ensure goods are delivered on time and without any issues.

You will be working in partnership with all the major technology solutions and exceptional professionals.

Fall on us in case of any clarifications you need.